Miami-Dade Schools Maintain “B” Average

Public school grades for Florida have been out, and it looks like Miami-Dade county is maintaining its “B” grade average, reports NBC Miami. With an average of a “B” last year as well, this may seem like stalled progress, but the official memorandum from the Miami-Dade Public School system’s website shows that when middle and elementary schools are taken into account, MDC public schools were a single percentage point away from having an “A” average.

No one is giving up their dedication to push MDC public schools towards an official “A” average. Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said about his efforts, “I have replaced by now 80 percent of all principals in Miami-Dade, they are fantastic instructional leaders who understand teaching and learning. Secondly, [I’m] recruiting the best teachers to the classrooms, particularly to the most fragile schools.”

Other counties across the state markedly excelled, with Monroe and Palm Beach counties both receiving “A” grades. But next year, with hard work and engaged students, Miami-Dade county can be expected to be included among them.

Learning More Means Earning More

An article posted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), “Education Still Pays” certainly captures our attention and answers a very crucial question: “As the cost of higher education continues to climb, prospective students and their families might wonder: “Does it still pay to get an education?” According to the most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS): Yes, it does.

According to the article, past BLS data have provided evidence that the higher education attainment a person has, the higher their income is. The most recent data shows the same! Seen in the chart, each rise in educational attainment ( i.e. high school diploma → bachelor’s degree) is followed by an increase in weekly earnings.

Equally, the unemployment rate drops with each education attainment. For example, those with an education level less than a high school diploma face have the highest unemployment rate of 11%. In contrast, those with a doctoral degree face the lowest rate of 2.2%. 


In Miami-Dade County and Statewide, High School Graduation Rates are Climbing

The Miami Herald recently published an article declaring “more students are achieving success by earning a diploma, which will enable them to pursue higher education and meaningful careers.”

Education in not just Miami-Dade County, but all over Florida, continues to improve! High school graduation rates have risen state-wide, with an increase in Miami-Dade County alone of 78.1%. With a state average of 77.8%, Miami-Dade is ahead of the curve and ready to keep up the good work. To quote Superintendent Alberto Carvalho on this same issue, “we are elated”!